Broken Sword 5 [ PSVITA VPK ]

Broken Sword 5

Broken Sword 5

Broken Sword 5

Has been made possible due to the generosity of franchise fans courtesy of a successful Kick-starter campaign. Broken Sword 5 The only catch with this funding drive was that the game would be split into two episodes, with the intention to get the package into the hands of backers as quickly as possible. This delay between release dates, however, has allowed the developer to tweak and alter aspects from the inaugural installment, resulting in an overall more polished experience this time around. While the previous episode did many things right especially the wonderfully hand-painted environments we felt that it was a bit slow at uncovering its tale at times. This yarn involves protagonists George and Nico, who witness a murder and a theft at an art gallery, leading them on an intrepid adventure to catch the murderer, and recover the painting itself. Unsurprisingly, the second half picks up from the conclusion of its predecessor, and whisks our heroes away from the urban sprawls of Paris and London to the idyllic landscapes of sunny Span and beyond in order to explore the latest revelations regarding the stolen artwork and its dark mythology.

Broken Sword 5

In fact, this second episode plots a surprising path following the introduction of its titular curse, exploring a more religious tone that gives the story a bit of acceleration. Broken Sword 5 Although still privy to the occasional bout of atrociously poor humor, this installment definitely takes the narrative in a more interesting direction; you’ll finally begin to feel the rush of the threads slotting together as the clues fall into place. Indeed, there’s much more going on here than a pompous Parisian necking coffee. As a consequence, there’s a much bigger focus on the puzzle solving aspect of the franchise, rather than the investigative explorations or dire conversations that riddled the first part. This subtle change in balance brings more hefty challenges to the table, such as deciphering an old telegram, and really challenges your grey matter rather employing drab fetch quests to extend the run time. With this focus on puzzle solving, it’s unsurprising that the map system has now been discarded, removing George’s handy ability to warp from location-to-location. This does result in the game being a little more linear, but reduces the necessity to engage in eye-rolling conversations.


Release Date : December 18, 2013
Publisher : Revolution Software Ltd.
Developer : Revolution Software Ltd.
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.61GB







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