The Binding of Isaac Rebirth PSVITA VPK

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth PSVITA VPK

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth PSVITA VPK

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy roguelike elements. Players will accompany Isaac on a quest to escape his mother, facing off against droves of mysterious creatures, discovering secrets, and fighting fearsome bosses. Along the way, Isaac can find bizarre treasures that change his form and give him super-human abilities. But it won’t be easy. Rebirth is the remake of the original game. It sports a game engine that runs at 60 FPS, new pixel style artwork, polished visual effects, and a new soundtrack from Ridiculon. Oh yeah, and hundreds of new rooms, synergies, and re-tuned enhancements by the series creator, Edmund McMillen. Did we mention the poop? As with the original game, Rebirths story is based on the Biblical tale of the Binding of Isaac, and is inspired by McMillen’s own childhood growing up in a religious family. The player controls a young boy named Isaac whose mother, convinced she is doing the work of God, strips him of all his clothes and possessions and locks him in his room. With his mother about to sacrifice him, Isaac escapes to the basement and fights through randomized dungeons created in a roguelike fashion. The player defeats monsters using Isaac’s tears as bullets, and collects items that improve Isaac’s attributes and abilities. Eventually the player must face Isaac’s mother, and later even more demonic creatures. One expansion to Rebirth, expanding the number of items and playable characters, was released in 2015, and a second expansion that will include support for user-created content is due in 2016. Similar to the original, Rebirth is a top-down 2D dungeon crawler game where the player controls the character Isaac (or 10 unlockable characters) as he adventures throughout his mother’s basement, fighting off monsters and collecting power-ups. Ultimately, the player aims to first defeat Isaac’s mother while she tries to crush him underfoot, then moves to inside her, upon while the player must defeat Isaac’s mom’s own heart. Rebirth is considered a roguelike-like game; the dungeon levels are procedurally generated into a number of rooms including at least one boss battle, and the game has permadeath: once the chosen character dies from taking too much damage, the game is over and the player will have to restart. Rebirth allows the player to save the state of the game, allowing them to quit the game during a run, and then come back later to finish that run, though this save state is deleted upon restarting the game.


Release Date : November 4, 2014
Publisher : Nicalis
Developer : Nicalis
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 258MB







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