Beyblade Evolution [ 3DS CIA ]

Beyblade Evolution

Beyblade Evolution

Beyblade Evolution

Lets players launch their in-game Beyblade Evolution , using the gyro and motion sensors and manipulating the viewing angle with the Augmented Reality camera for precise control and adjustment. Players engage in real-time multiplayer battles or follow the Story Mode campaign unlocking new parts and information to fine-tune their tops in the Bey Factory. Despite the original anime TV series coming to an end almost a decade ago, it seems that Beyblade is still very much a thing. It’s curious to think that the concept of pitting spinning top toys against one another would prove so exciting for so many in this technologically enhanced day and age, but then the world wouldn’t be as diverse as it is if everyone simply liked the same thing. Admittedly, the idea behind Beyblade does seem strangely enticing; seeing chunks of spinning metal and plastic circling one another before reaching a climactic clash does contain a certain hypnotic appeal. Moreover, it’s an in-depth craft for the true Beyblade enthusiasts, who combine various components most of which must be bought at extra cost to create the ultimate spinning machine.

Beyblade Evolution

The latest in a long line of Beyblade Evolution video game releases has clearly been designed to capture this core concept and recreate it in video game form. And when it comes to battling and customising your in-game Beyblades, it does a pretty admirable job of emulating the real deal. The problem, however, is that these impressive mechanics are wrapped up in a dull and extremely repetitive gameplay experience. It’s common for you to have to do many things over and over again in most video games, but Beyblade Evolution seemingly takes it to an entirely new level, not to mention that its rather limited subject matter (they’re just spinning tops after all) doesn’t help. This issue of repetitiveness has unfortunately been built into the game’s main mode. The premise is fairly straightforward: you’re a new “blader” in town, who’s looking to make new friends, earn new Beyblade parts and compete in a number of regular tournaments. Achieving these three goals requires you to put your Beyblade battling skills to the test (although striking up new friendships is entirely superficial).


Release Date : October 29, 2013
Publisher : D3 Publisher
Developer : intergrow
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 176MB


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