Art Academy Lessons for Everyone 3DS

Art Academy Lessons for Everyone 3DS

Art Academy Lessons for Everyone 3DS

Art Academy Lessons for Everyone 3DS

Amaze yourself with your personal art studio in Art Academy Lessons for Everyone 3DS . Art Academy will have you whipping up masterpieces like never before, and discovering talents you didn’t know you had. This creative game will have you honing your artistic skills as you try out different techniques, use new art materials, and master a wide range of tools to work your magic on the canvas.

Art Academy Lessons for Everyone 3DS

Guided by the bearded artist Vince, the player completes tutorials in basic artistic composition. The skills are intended to be transferable to art practice outside the game. Vince instructs in portraiture, landscapes, still life, and architecture. The basic lessons include how to block with color and add detail, how to add light and shade to line drawings, and how to mix paint and create atmosphere. Advanced lessons include expansions on these ideas with shorter exposition from Vince. Additions to its predecessor include pencil crayons and pastels. The game has a new user interface, a higher resolution, and lets players mix media more easily. The critical reception has been favorable upon the release, scoring 81/100 on the aggregator site Metacritic, based on reviews of 14 critics. IGN‘s Chris Schilling found Art Academy to be better and more complete than its predecessor but still capable of more. He wrote that Colors 3D offered more while costing less—he lamented the absence of a 3D painting feature, in particular. Art Academy Lessons for Everyone 3DS , Schilling felt, could serve as an educational preparation for games like Colors. He praised the usefulness of the game’s classes and their flourishes of art history, and found that the larger Nintendo 3DS XL screen let the player add more detail.


Release Date : October 1, 2012
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer :
Headstrong Games
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