ARMS has certainly had its doubters since it was revealed earlier this year, but Nintendo has once again proven just how well it understands what makes a game really tick. The core fighting mechanics are easy to grasp – especially when you’re using the pleasantly intuitive motion controls – but they showcase the kind of depth which rewards dedicated players. Mixing up light and charged punches with your dashes and leaps allows you to create an almost balletic style of play, but add in grabs, stuns and features unique to each stage and you’ve got a truly formidable foundation to build on. That’s not to mention the large number of Arms available via the Arms Getter mode, each of which has the potential to totally change your approach to combat. The lure of collecting Arms will keep you glued to your console even if you only choose to play solo, but online is where ARMS is sure to prove its worth; getting into a match is an effortless affair and for those who want to take things to the next level, Ranked Matches provide the ideal means of proving your skill. The light nature of the main campaign may limit its long-term appeal for solo fighters and casual players may find the difficulty level to be a little on the steep side, but these aren’t deal-breakers by any means.


Release Date : 16th Jun 2017
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Genre: Fighting, Sports
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 2.6 GB



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