Apollo Justice Ace Attorney [ CIA ]

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

The fourth entry in the Ace Attorney series (most known for its original lawyer hero, Phoenix Wright), this game takes place seven years after the previous game and introduces a new protagonist. Here, players are put in the role of a fresh new ace attorney an Apollo Justice as he must gather evidence, interview witnesses, and survey crime scenes to prove himself. Apollo Justice Ace Attorney utilizes the Touch Screen and other Nintendo DS features to enhance many of its entertaining puzzles and animations. This helps broaden the appeal of the game to longtime fans of the series as well as to new players.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

The adventure genre isn’t as robust and well-populated as it has been in past years. With scant an exception, all adventure games these days are found on the PC alone. But there’s another fledgling hope for one of gaming’s oldest niches, and it comes in the form of a Nintendo DS. With the success of the Phoenix Wright trilogy, as well as more recent critically acclaimed releases like Professor Layton and the Curious Village, adventure gaming has found a new medium on which it can thrive, and this new handheld tradition is continued faithfully and skillfully in the newest offering from Capcom Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. If the latter half of that title seems familiar, it probably is. Apollo Justice is simply the new character in what is essentially the fourth Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney title. For those unfamiliar with who (and what) Phoenix Wright is, imagine an over-the-top anime-style lawyer so popular in three Japanese-only releases on the Game Boy Advance, that his games were redesigned with the DS in mind and released for a second time in Japan. 2006 and 2007 were the first years we ever saw the courtroom trilogy Stateside, however, and they proved to be rather popular with Nintendo DS owners. In fact, finding any of the titles new in stores is quite the challenge.


Release Date : November 21, 2017
Publisher : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 303MB


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