American Mensa Academy [ 3DS ROMS ]

American Mensa Academy

American Mensa Academy

American Mensa Academy

American Mensa Academy is a brain-training video game that provides players with a score. While players cannot become Mensa members simply by playing this game, there is a sense of importance to the game knowing that the questions and scoring system are based on the official Mensa tests. To that end, the mini-games are also unique to this game. They range from multi-faceted exercises that test math skills while also testing hand-eye coordination, to strict multiple-choice quizzes that focus exclusively on time and accuracy. It would be nice to see more detailed statistics and record-keeping about players’ progress over time, but all in all this title is a definite standout in this niche video game genre.

American Mensa Academy

For a product based on a bunch of brainiacs, there’s little sophistication in the game’s design. American Mensa Academy The roughly hewn 3D models awkwardly toddle about a fantastical representation of Mensa HQ, the menu layout is basic at best, and the accompanying soundtrack is often jarringly ominous in tone. Modes on offer are Play, Coach, and Test. Play has you work through rounds of ten questions against a timer, aiming to get the right answer in the shortest time possible to receive a high score and subsequent rating out of three stars. Categories of questions come in the form of mini-games covering language, numeracy, logic, and so on. These range from working out which operator you need to use to get the correct total in a mathematics problem to figuring out the logical relationship behind a given sequence of symbols. The mini-games become increasingly more challenging as you progress through the rounds, and they only take a couple of minutes each – perfect for a 15-minute commute. However, some are a little dubious in their academic merit. We’re not quite sure how edifying it is to judge whether a Hare or Tortoise will finish first in a race by watching them.


Release Date : November 13, 2012
Publisher : Maximum Games
Developer : Silverball Studios
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 110MB


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