Aikatsu My no.1 Stage 3DS

Aikatsu My no.1 Stage 3DS

Aikatsu My no.1 Stage 3DS

Aikatsu My no.1 Stage 3DS

Bandai Namco Games began streaming the first game footage on Monday for the Aikatsu My No.1 Stage 3dsNintendo 3DS game. The first three minutes of the video feature an interview with actress and singerSayaka Kanda. Kanda introduces the game’s “Aikara” karaoke feature, and she also previews the headset and ribbon that will come with the premium edition of the game. Aikatsu My no.1 Stage 3DS

Aikatsu My no.1 Stage 3DS

The game’s main mode will let players choose an idol and aim to be number one. There’s also a free play mode. The game will ship in Japan on November 26, and the standard edition will cost 5,210 yen (about US$42) and the premium edition with the headset will cost 7,800 yen (US$63). Those who purchase the first edition of the game will also receive a download code for four extra songs for free, and fans voted on which songs would be included. The songs are: “Calendar Girl,” “Shining Line,” Koisuru Mitai na Caramelize,” and “Glass Doll.” Bandai’s originalAikatsu! arcade card game began operation in Japan in October 2012. The franchise has also inspired theAikatsu! Cinderella LessonNintendo 3DS game in November 2012, the Aikatsu My No.1 Stage 3ds no my princess (Aikatsu! The Two Princesses) 3DS game in November 2013, and the Aikatsu! 365 Nichi no Idol Days(Aikatsu! 365 Idol Days) 3DS game in December 2014. The firstAikatsu! television anime series premiered in October 2012, and the second half of the third season premiered in April. The franchise’s first film opened in Japan in December 2014, and the second film,Aikatsu! Music Award: Minna de Shō o Moraima SHOW!, will open in Japan on August 22. Aikatsu My no.1 Stage 3DS


Release Date : November 26, 2015
Publisher :
Bandai Namco
Developer :
Bandai Namco
File Type
: 3DS
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  1. AyamiOoruri29 says:

    is this ROM should be decrypted? i tried play this game and it closes automatically.
    i used Citra emulator x86

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