Aeterno Blade 3DS

Aeterno Blade 3DS

Aeterno Blade 3DS

Aeterno Blade 3DS

The player follows Freyja on her epic quest for vengeance through countless dimensions. You also get to beat up bad guys along the way! Lots of bad guys! Yeah! Everyone loves to beat down bad guys. Aeterno Blade 3ds is 3D side-scrolling action game.

Aeterno Blade 3DS

here’s no denying that Aeterno Blade 3DS looks better on the Vita than it did on the 3DS…but that hardly seems like a bragging point. I’m sure that the characters probably looked pretty cool when they were being dreamed up, but that didn’t translate into their in-game representations. Basically, imagine stereotypical Final Fantasy characters, only muddy and indistinct, and you have an idea of how everything, from the heroes to the monsters, looks here. Needless to say, the environments don’t fare much better. The same goes for the combat. Again, in theory, it’s awesome. You have a badass-looking heroine, Freyja, clad in relatively functional armour (even if the butt openings seem kind of silly), fuelled by a sense of righteous vengeance against the demon that laid waste to her village and armed with the titular giant sword. In practice, though, it all feels off. Freyja swings her sword in the general direction of her enemies, but it never feels like she connects with them, even when she has. Not only that, combos — which are absolutely essential, since this game doesn’t have any one-hit kill enemies — are incredibly awkward. Any time you swing your sword more than once, it leads to a series of swings that can only go in one direction, which means that if your enemy has moved out of the way, you’re stuck flailing away at empty space. (Though that doesn’t always lead to bad results; I regularly had enemies walk into my blade right at the end of a combo, just as the swings were strongest, sending them across the screen. They may not have been satisfying hits, but at least they were powerful.)


Release Date : February 13, 2014
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Corecell Technology
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Corecell Technology
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