Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn [ 3DS CIA ]

Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn

Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn

Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn

In The Adventures of Tintn: The Game, play as Tintin, the intrepid reporter and hero of the action-packed movie The Adventures of Tinti directed by Steven Spielberg. Developed in close collaboration with the filmmaking team, the video game offers an authentic immersion into the movie’s enchanting environments and characters. Players will experience non-stop action and adventure as they investigate the mystery of a lifetime that may lead them to one of the greatest sunken treasures. But the quest won’t be easy and players will need to join forces with the quick-witted dog Snowy and the grumpy Captain Haddock to beat greedy art collectors, kooky arms dealers, and other crooks to reveal the truth behind the Secret of the Unicorn ship.

Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn

aw-dropping and entertaining. Two words IGN used to describe the Tintin movie on which this game is based, and two words that at times apply equally here. The Adventures of Tinti: The Secrets of the Unicorn has moments of heart-stopping glee, brief glimpses that capture the energy and spectacle of Steven Spielberg’s latest cinematic release. However, these moments are rare and while the movie was widely criticised for being little more than a series of action sequences strung together, this video game adaption is almost the polar opposite – a handful of exhilarating set-pieces interlinked by a functional rather than thrilling platform game. The story follows that of the movie with the bequiffed boy reporter unravelling the secrets of the Unicorn in an adventure that takes him from mainland Europe to Morocco by air and sea. The result is a mishmash of gameplay styles, with lazy puzzles and predictable chase sequences punctuating the primary Prince of Persia-inspired 2D platform adventure. At times it feels like the game desperately wants to be Uncharted but it never quite reaches those dizzy heights, the desert car chase and escape from the capsizing boat proving little more than pale comparisons to those masterstrokes in Drake’s Deception.


Release Date : December 6, 2011
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 396MB


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