Adventures of Mana PSVITA VPK

Adventures of Mana PSVITA VPK

Adventures of Mana PSVITA VPK

Adventures of Mana PSVITA VPK

Adventures of Mana psvita vpk is an action role-playing gam in which the player controls a young hero who, along with a heroine, tries to stop the Dark Lord of Glaive from destroying the Tree of Mana.The game is a 3D remake of the two-dimensional Game Boy game Final Fantasy Adventure, containing the same content In the smartphone versions of the game, the player controls the hero by using a customizable virtual joystick and button set. The game is seen from a top-down perspective, and focuses on sword combat. The player moves the hero through the game world, which is divided into several areas; as the player enters one, enemy characters start to appear there. Among the areas in the game world, there are dungeons that the player needs to get through. These usually consist of a number of rooms divided across three to four floors; in order to navigate their way through a dungeon, the player needs to break walls, unlock doors, and sometimes press down buttons and break pots.

Adventures of Mana psvita vpk

In addition to the regular enemies, the player also needs to defeat several bosses and mini-bosses throughout the game. By defeating enemies, the player gains experience points, which make the hero’s level increase; when this happens, the player gets points to spend on four different disciplines, each of which gives the hero access to different abilities and enhances different stats associated with the discipline: Warrior is associated with physical attacks, Monk with defense and health points, Mage with magic attacks and magic points, and Sage with an increase in the weapon limit gauge. Sometimes when enemies are defeated, they drop items; the player can carry items with them, which are grouped into stacks, each taking up one slot in the inventory. During battles, a weapon limit gauge is shown, filling up over time; by waiting to attack until the gauge is filled up, the player can use a more powerful attack specific to the currently equipped weapon. The gauge resets to zero whenever the player attacks or gets hit by an attack. The player is able to use various different types of weapons, such as swords, axes and flails, each having a different attack pattern: sword attacks, for example, are mid-ranged swings and stabs, while flail attacks are long-ranged and reach out in a straight line from the hero. Most weapons can also be used to affect the environment: the player can cut down trees with axes, for instance. There are also variants of each weapon type with bonus strengths, such as flame variations, which are effective against ice monsters. At various points in the game, the hero is accompanied by non-player characters who help the player defeat enemies. These companions have different abilities that the player can use, such as Fuji’s healing spell and Watt’s shop. Adventures of Mana psvita vpk


Release Date : June 28, 2016
Publisher : Squire Enix
Developer : Squire Enix
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 487MB







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