Actual Sunlight PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Actual Sunlight PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Actual Sunlight PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Actual Sunlight PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Depression is a fairly common mood disorder that, despite its frequency, is still not considered a serious issue by many. Sadly, some people think that a simple attitude change will fix all of the ailments; that it’s a self-inflicted state of mind. This is simply not true. Actual Sunlight PSVITA MaiDumpTool by Will O’Neill is a short, interactive, text-heavy story that puts you right into the shoes of a troubled young man named Evan Winter, whose life is gradually consumed by his dark inner-thoughts and self-loathing. It will boldly and unapologetically give you a short glimpse into what depression can look like, and the suicidal thoughts that may accompany the crippling disorder.

Actual Sunlight PSVITA MaiDumpTool

First and foremost, this is not much of a game. It features some tiny characters that have distinct inflated heads and some not too impressive 8-bit inspired environments. Only the short cut-scenes provide an enhanced artistic style, and these fully demonstrate what the characters look like. Not that it matters, because most of the story plays out through a black screen full of text; the stylistic choices only act as a vehicle for delivering the story, and no other reason. You can argue that this could have been a short story published in some fancy journal, but would it reach the same audience? Evan Winter’s tale is a tragic one. His life revolves around only a few things: waking up, going to work, eating, getting drunk by himself, masturbating, and playing video games. His lack of accolades and mediocrity has clearly frustrated him. Most of his daily interactions occur in his head, where he plays out different situations; his relations with other characters are short and clearly display his inability to connect with others. You’re forced to feel the monotony and soul crushing daily life of Evan. Actual Sunlight PSVITA MaiDumpTool


Release Date : August 11, 2015
Publisher : Will O’Neill
Developer : Will O’Neill
Region : USA
File Type :
PSVITA [ MaiDumpTool V233.2zEx ]
RAR File Size : 33MB





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