88 Heroes 98 Heroes Edition [SWITCH XCI]

88 Heroes 98 Heroes Edition

88 Heroes 98 Heroes Edition took on the gargantuan challenge of cramming 98 playable characters into a single game, and while we commend the attempt the results have been a little shy of heroic. There’s so much diversity to the size, shape, and moveset of each hero, that it comes at the cost of a more tightly designed set of levels and challenges. There’s a lot of personality to every aspect of its presentation, and the heroes themselves are fantastic fun to mess around with, so it’s just a shame that it falls a little short overall. If you’re looking for something thoroughly silly and don’t mind it being a short lived experience, then this is almost gr8, but don’t expect much in the way of replayability m8.All of these modes essentially work the same way, which makes for an extremely basic and frustrating platformer that relies on its charm and character to keep your attention. Due to the presentation, music and humour being so strong in this case, for the first couple of hours this actually pays off, and 88 Heroes 98 Heroes Edition can even work with a crowd watching on as you discover all the weirdo heroes, laughing at the bizarre voice work and the added fun of Dr. H8’s security camera perspective. Again, all of the emphasis has been placed on the 98 main characters, as the enemy designs are both repetitive and poorly animated, while the heroes themselves look and move a whole lot better. Some of the most half-baked examples are the bosses which cap off the final level in each area. They’re beyond lazy and feel like a useless inclusion, again due to the fact that they need to cater to 98 different playstyles.


Release Date : 2nd Oct 2017
Publisher :  Rising Star Games
Developer :  Bitmap Bureau
Genre: Action, Arcade, Platformer
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 750 MB


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