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80s Overdrive

80s Overdrive 3ds roms

80s Overdrive

A 2D pixel art racing game, designed to take you back in time to when 8 and 16 bit consoles and arcade games ruled the world. Compete against opponents in career mode to unlock new races, buy new cars, and upgrade them with state-of-the-art technologies! Try your skill in time attack mode and see how far you can get in this race against the clock. 80s Overdrive Create your own tracks with built-in track generator and easily share them with your friends. The 3DS has had a fairly diverse library of games so far, but the one thing that it seems to be somewhat lacking in is the racing genre. It could be that this is just due to the limitations of the portable format, but it nonetheless comes as a slight disappointment that there aren’t too many games of this type available on the 3D wonder machine. Racing enthusiasts will be pleased to hear, then, that there’s another upcoming arcade racer coming to 3DS, evidently as an exclusive.

80s Overdrive

There’s not a whole lot to go off of, but a new website for a game called 80s Overdrive recently went live. Based off of the screenshots, it appears to take cues from the SEGA classic Out Run, with extremely colorful and detailed pixel art visuals. No other information is available at the time, but this looks like one to keep an eye on in the future. Check it out here. What do you think of this? Do you like playing arcade racers? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Actually, being offline and away from all the buzz is very good for doing work. We just wanted to focus on what there is to be done. Please remember, we are a small, indie team. We must balance our “normal” lives, day jobs, etc. with the development of this game. We don’t want to publish a complete crap also. It wouldn’t be fair. Due to many reasons, we are unable to give you exact release date. However, please take a look at the numbers below. We are close to the end with the development. Let us inform you about the game status.


Release Date : December 07, 2017
Publisher : Insane Code
Developer : Insane Code
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 42.3MB


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