7th Dragon III Code 3DS

7th Dragon III Code 3DS

7th Dragon III Code 3DS

7th Dragon’s story sports some fun twists and it uses the time-travel mechanic to bring players to unique places, like a technologically advanced sea-kingdom of Atlantis in the past, and a medieval Eden in the future. There are also quite a few memorable characters, from Nodens’ quirky dream team of scientists and members of the militant International Self-Defense Force to locals in Atlantis and Eden, and though we found talking doll/nagivator Nagamimi’s Hot Topic-inspired edginess off-putting, the rest of the cast made up for it. It’s also worth noting that even though every part of the game’s title makes it sound like a direct sequel, Code: VFD is a completely standalone adventure; there are nods and references to the lore of past games that you’ll appreciate if you’ve played (or read about) the rest of the series, but you won’t miss out on anything by jumping in fresh. Once you do jump in, the first thing you’ll do is set up your squad. 7th Dragon may have a pre-set story, but it stars characters you’ll make yourself, and the excellent character creation is one of the game’s best assets. You’ll be able to choose from four classes at first (four more unlock as you play), each with two different basic appearance styles, both of which have a male and female option and three colourways to choose from after that. The best part, however, is that classes aren’t actually tied to their art, so you can pick your characters’ appearances completely independently of their classes. Want to make your Samurai a female maid? Of course you can! Want your God Hand to be a spunky, pre-teen kid with a hip pack? No problem! Characterization doesn’t stop at appearances, either; you can choose between 40 different voice actors (20 male and 20 female) to play your party members’ parts — if you’re a seiyuu fan, they’re even listed by name so you can find your favourites. While it’s almost overwhelming at first, we really loved 7th Dragon’s character creation tool; it feels like a gold standard, and we’d be very happy to see decoupling character art from class selection become the JRPG norm in future.


Release Date : October 15, 2015
Publisher : Sega
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