Top 3DS CIA Collection [One Drive]



love to play video games specially old retro games.

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  1. AvatarOmar David says:

    Where is part 1 of Blazblue?

  2. AvatarOmar David says:

    where is part 1 of dragon quest VII & VIII?

  3. AvatarAlmiranteZ says:

    need part 1 of Return to Popolocrois – A Story of Seasons Fairytale
    and Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate link is down

  4. AvatarAlmiranteZ says:

    monster hunter stories is off
    and need fire emblem awakening part 1,
    Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright is off
    Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest is off
    Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition is off
    and need part 1 of Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows of Valentia

  5. Avatarjohnny says:

    monster hunter 4:ultimate down

  6. Avatarmatthew says:

    Monster hunter Generations link is down

  7. Avataredward greenwood says:

    almost all the mega ones are gone and u need recheck some google take them down leave a file not found link

  8. Avatarpaul elis says:

    where is doodle jump adventures

  9. Avatarraynaldi says:

    where’s kingdom hearts ddd?

  10. AvatarNecaj says:

    Can you get a cia for the Updated version of flipnote studio 3d?

  11. AvatarBoi Is God says:

    Where Is 3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2?

  12. AvatarRayan says:

    Im sorry but i’ve downloaded shovel knite
    Monster hunter and hyurel warior but i can’t even exracte them
    And when i inter in the file to extract it ther is nothing in it

  13. AvatarJake says:

    Need warioware gold and luigi mansion 1

  14. AvatarVector says:

    Hi man , great job man thank you for doing this. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story doesn’t work for me I was thinking is the cia file. thank you.

  15. AvatarVector says:

    Every time after I install it i gives me an eror, I have put other games from here on my 3ds and didn’t have that issue . thank you.

  16. AvatarVector says:

    Hey buddy, can we get Resident evil revelation? thank you.

  17. AvatarVector says:

    Thank you very much.

  18. AvatarGAURAV SHARMA says:

    Please provide tekken 3d prime edition link.

  19. AvatarBigPanda says:

    The download link for Yo-Kai Watch Blasters Red Cat Corps [US] is wrong. Please correct it. Thank you.

  20. AvatarVector says:

    Hi buddy , can you get dragon quest 11 please? thank you.

  21. AvatarAFI says:

    hey can you please add Fantasy Zone II 3D

  22. AvatarAFI says:

    thank you very much

  23. AvatarRONAN says:

    Pokemon ultra Moon ?

  24. AvatarNop says:

    New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gold Edition [EUR]

  25. AvatarHadi says:

    Hey buddy.please add spider man edge of time. Also what (RF) mean? Im new at this thing.

  26. AvatarZach says:

    Hey! Please add thor:god of thunder.. Thank you really appreciate your time.

  27. AvatarZzep says:

    Haii. Spider man edge of tme link broke.. fix it ASAP Please.

  28. AvatarZach says:

    Heyy. Please add kirby robobot!!

  29. AvatarIdah says:

    Haii admin! please add pokemon mystery dungeon. Best website.

  30. Avatarpeace says:

    I know this is old but may we get a link to splinter cell. Much appreciated.

  31. AvatarWill says:

    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy please

  32. AvatarMr Daipi says:

    FIFA for 3DS game for cia can available to do

  33. AvatarNathan says:

    The link for pokemon ultra sun is down

  34. AvatarRun run says:

    Link Pokemon ultra sun not working!!!!!!

  35. AvatarRictor says:

    can you add pinball breaker 1 2 3 and 4 ? thanks

  36. AvatarJack Drisdelle says:

    I can’t seem to find a poochy and yoshi’s woolly world for usa, and it won’t let me download anything, it just stays on the same page.

  37. Avatarcid says:

    add steam heist pls

  38. AvatarRed says:

    Could you add the remake of Luigi’s Mansion 1

  39. AvatarDanny78 says:

    Super Sammlung. Kannst du auch Tekken 3D Prime Edition hinzufügen?

  40. AvatarKingPafu says:

    Can you Put the Legend Of Zelda Four swords anniversary Edition Cia or Nds Format please?

  41. AvatarBingu says:

    Animal crossing: New Leaf plssss

  42. AvatarBingu says:

    Animal Crossing New Leaf [.CIA] pls

  43. AvatarZephriel says:

    Monster hunter stories (USA) and digimon re:digitize decode (USA) please

  44. AvatarAllen says:

    Pokemon Ultra Sun Link is Broken. Can you fix it back? please

  45. AvatarSunny says:

    Can you add tomodachi life (US) please?

  46. Avatarjoaquim says:

    when i gonna send the archive to the cia paste say the dis is protect to gravation what i do ?

  47. AvatarPamela says:

    Can you add Pokémon super mystery dungeon Eur and Pokémon mystery dungeon Gates of infinity Eur in format. Cia

  48. AvatarVin says:

    Please update link of CIA for PKMN Ultra Sun [ENG]. Thank you

  49. Avataryeetus says:

    i think Pokemon y and captain toad treasure tracker dont work

  50. Avatarfred dwerp says:

    can you add Pokemon Moon (US), Ever Oasis (US), WWE All Stars (US), Swords & Darkness (US), Breath of Fire 2 (US) & Shakedown: Hawaii (US)

  51. AvatarPhoenix says:

    Terraria and update? Please

  52. Avatarfred dwerp says:


  53. AvatarSanta Claws says:

    Is it possible to add Sadame and Shakedown Hawaii EUR?

  54. Avatarerrmah says:

    please give me an access to mh xx (jpn)
    many thanks ^^

  55. Avatarfred dwerp says:

    could you up dragon’s wrath usa if you got it please

  56. AvatarCosmo says:

    Whats the password for alpha sapphire it asks for a password and I cant find info on that anywhere

  57. Avataremonsiem says:

    I am new to this. is it rude to ask for you to add a game? I also wanted to thank you for having Persona Q. you are a sweetheart.

  58. Avatarfred dwerp says:

    i would like to request these
    3D Retro Dungeon Puzzle Challenge USA, Castle Conqueror EX USA, Flap Flap USA & Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars USA (just released on 01-02-20)

    • AvatarRomstorage says:

      Castle Conqueror EX [EUR] [CIA] and Flap Flap [EUR] [CIA] added
      Silver Falls is not available yet

    • AvatarJerrel Dulay says:

      Hello, I am the developer of this game. I worked very hard alone to make this game. If you enjoy it, please consider buying it. Obviously I can’t stop people from pirating the game, but if people don’t buy the game, I will not earn any money and I will not be able to make any more games. I worked 112+ hours a week for two and a half years alone to make this game. Thank you.

      • Avatarfred says:

        not all people just pirate games. we also buy the game which we like much. I haven’t played it before, guess I’ll try if its fun or not. also i’ll try playing your next game too

    • AvatarJerrel Dulay says:

      I’m trying to develop more games in the Silver Falls series and I would hugely appreciate it if people who enjoy the first game buy the game properly. In fact. If you intend to pirate it, I prefer you send me a DM on Twitter and just ask for a free copy with a download code. I ask in return that if you enjoy the game, you spread the word and let other gamers know if you enjoy the game. Thanks a lot.

  59. AvatarDarksoul says:

    don’t let me download it says I need permission

  60. Avatardarkphoenix says:

    same here, it says need permission to download

  61. AvatarRomstorage says:

    ^I’ll fix those links soon.

  62. AvatarGamer3112 says:

    I would like to request a game called Without Escape?

  63. AvatarGamer3112 says:

    It´s called “Without Escape” not “Without Escape?”, sorry it was a mistake while writing it.

  64. Avatarat2ecw says:

    I would like to request Witch & Hero 3, Thanks!

  65. AvatarStarBlade says:

    Where are all of the YO-KAI WATCH games?

  66. AvatarY6620D says:

    i need Mario & Luigi Partners In Time pleasee

  67. Can you add Phoenix wright please

  68. AvatarUlti says:

    Can you add detective pikachu, and bravely secondary? Thanks!

  69. AvatarGunnerZetto says:

    Can you add Hyrule Warriors please?, Thanks x)

  70. Avatarjohn says:

    Can you add timespinner cia?

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