3D Classics Excitebike 3DS CIA

3D Classics Excitebike 3DS CIA

3D Classics Excitebike 3DS CIA

3D Classics Excitebike 3DS CIA

The original Excitebike game returns, re-mastered and enhanced with features only seen in this updated version. Tackle perilous obstacle courses alone or face off against rival bikers as you compete in white-knuckle motocross races that pit you against the clock. Make good time, and you might get a chance to race in a legendary Excitebike rally. Or if you feel the need for customized speed, create your own tracks to race on using the intuitive Course Editor feature that now lets you save up to 32 dream courses of your own design. 3D Classics Excitebike 3DS CIA

3D Classics Excitebike 3DS CIA

Looking back across them all, none of Excitebike’s earlier editions has really been that great. The NES 3D Classics Excitebike 3DS CIA version wouldn’t let you save your created tracks, because it lost that functionality when being ported to America’s NES from the Japansese original. The Excitebike 64 and Animal Crossing unlockables were OK, but you had to buy $50 console games and put in the work meeting their access conditions before you could even get to them. The GBA re-release squished the display area, the eReader cards were a pain to scan through that gimmicky peripheral one at a time and the WiiWare remake — well, OK, the WiiWare remake was alright. But 3D Classics: Excitebike edges out even that closest competitor because this new edition has clearly been crafted with quality in mind. It’s fully featured. Every part of its package has been given extra polish, making it impressive to the point that Nintendo could have launched it without the month of free access and still seen it post great download numbers. The 3D visuals are the main selling point, and they work wonderfully well. The development team at Arika rebuilt every aspect of the graphics from scratch, rather than just take the NES pixel art as-is. The game has been given an expanded, widescreen ratio to fill the 3DS’ upper display and the system’s 3D slider inventively bends the camera angle of the action to your desired degree of depth.


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